Congratulations to the four winning teams of Game Concept Challenge 2012!


Oknytt, StarCatcher, External Guidance and BLANCO!


Oknytt is a point-and-click adventure game developed in the Wintermute Engine. The game takes place in a Norse medieval world containing beings and areas inspired by Swedish folklore. The game-play is comprised of puzzle solving and elements that allow you to change the world around you to create new solutions.

Developed by: Christofer Levall and Carl-Johan Nyblom

StarCaptain is a platformer game where the player need to take all the stars on a map to continue to the next map. Every map will test the player reaction and how fast they can solve problems.

Developed by: Tobias Kärrman


External Guidance is an Android game that under the skin uses the spirit of Lemmings as a game mechanic, but with explosions!

The players assignment is to guide the different characters to its respective goal, using the finger to draw paths and place bombs to blow up the world!

Developed by: Olof Axelsson


BLANCO is a quaint, lovable point and click adventure true to the genre. Play the story of the feeble underling whom rises up to its superiors in a quest for vengeance. Explore a bustling city full of  atmosphere, peculiar creatures and clever puzzles in a distant, smoggy future.

Developed by: Jesper Olofsson, Robin Hjelte, Mattis Axelsson, Cajsa Larsson, Oscar Johansson, Andreé Hallengren and Marcus Svensson.



Huge thanks to the fantastic work of the 2012 years jury!


Tove Bengtsson, Tau Petersson, Patrik Hansson and Mattias Nygren.

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