Congratulations to the five winning teams of Game Concept Challenge 2013!

Aer, Barmark, Ballzy, Epigenesis and Traverser!




Developed by: Robin Hjelte, Jesper Olofsson, Cajsa Larsson, Andrée Hallengren, Oscar Johansson

Aer; a charming adventure game filled with an appetite for exploration and marvelous vistas. A world you’ve never laid your eyes upon, filled with charming characters, adventures and a heroine flying high! Here rests an oncoming darkness and forgotten secrets. The winds of change are blowing, the adventure of tomorrow!




Developed by: Simon Marklund, Marcus Lindgren, Emma Richey, Henrik Olsson, Matilda von Matern, Samuel Bengtsson

Wander through stunning landscapes; immerse yourself within the amazing visuals and sounds of nature. Find harmony by forging your own environments, creating worlds to achieve personal perfection. Experience the calming world, and alter it to your liking.




Developed by: Tomas Johansson, Anthony Backehof

Ballzy is a 3d plattformer/puzzle android game. The game consist of the player rotating the level to get a marble to the finish. The level can be rotated 360 degrees on all axis, making level designing very varying. The gameplay speed will catch the essence of a puzzle game.




Developed by: Tobias Johansson, Michal Levall, Jonathan Wising, Martin Bergman, André Jönsson, Carl Boström, Henrik Giang, Jonas Vigstrand, Joakim Westblad, Ola Bäckström

Recreate earth’s environment by air-blasting your opponents into the abyss in this fast paced ball game of the future. Each score gives you the opportunity to take control over strategically important locations in the arena with your plant life, the plants grow up to grant positive effects for your team.




Developed by: Martin Sundberg, Ludvig Mattsson, Nikolai Nyqvist, Jonas Åkerlund, Ellinor Richey, Mårten Borja, Sofia Pripp-Lundmark, Filip Olsson

Traverser is an adventure game set in an underground city where your goal is to remain unnoticed. To evade guards, flip parts of the world. To sneak through levels, manipulate objects with your gadgets. Sneak, tweak, traverse and overcome the government to find out what really lies beyond the surface.


Big ups to the grand jury of 2013!

Jurymedlemmar:  Dennis från Mediocre, Henrike från Lohika, Olle från Redgrim, Rami från Vlambeer och Annika från King


Dennis från Mediocre, Henrike från Lohika, Olle från Redgrim, Rami från Vlambeer och Annika från King

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